“We are a proud family-owned business”

Little Guchi name was inspired by the founder’s daughter. At Little Guchi, we love fashion and trend. We work very hard to get the most stylish and fashionable outfits and accessories for the little ladies.
After getting diploma in textile designing, the owner started freelancing in retail business and also started selling her selections from home and on other online retail stores. Her choices of fabrics, colors and trend-driven designs started getting recognized by businesses and friends. This also inspired her to launch her own website where she can help visitors get the best choice at an affordable price.

LittleGuchi ensures your personal information will never be shared with a third party or utilized for any purpose other than to enable a business transaction. While we may send occasional, and valuable, discount coupon via email, we do not send unsolicited emails or spam. Email spam is often misrepresented by a sender that utilizes existing company names. If it appears you have received an unsolicited email from our company, we ask that you forward the email to our anti-spam department so that appropriate action may be taken.